Tuesday, March 3, 2015

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Hawaii Fire Doors.com wants you to know that as the 2012 edition of the Life Safety Code regarding NFPA 80 is adopted by your Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) there will be some changes. One of the most significant changes will be to fire rated doors and the hardware on those doors.  All commercial properties will be required to test and inspect all fire rated doors on an annual basis.  This annual inspection requirement cannot be taken lightly, actual inspections will have to be performed by qualified personnel that have an understanding of the operating components of fire rated doors or by a certified third party life safety inspector.

Hawaii Fire Doors.com was created to assist commercial facilities management departments with the ever changing codes and requirements for fire rated doors. Most facilities management departments are currently maxed out on their responsibilities and manpower.   The last thing they need is yet another compliance regulation requiring more manpower and resources.  Hawaii Fire Doors.com saw a need to simplify the process of fire door compliance for commercial facilities. Our commitment of “Compliance Made Easy” literally explains the mission of the company. Given our extensive field experience with NFPA 80 (2007 and later), we were able to see which parts of the fire door industry were lacking solutions. Hawaii Fire Doors.com was formed to help solve issues that every commercial facility encounters.  We are committed to developing and identifying products and services which make the NFPA 80 code compliance a less challenging tasks for commercial facilities.Our current menu of products and services include the following:

Services include, at a minimum:

  • Annual Fire Door Inspections 
  • Fire Door Code Compliance
  • Completing and Performing Statement of Conditions
*Inspect the Door & Door Frame
*Perform an Operational test on the Door – (Swing Test; Close Test; Latch Test; Electric Door *Release; Door Bottom Drag; Door Frame Rub; Door Edge Overlap; Coordinator Malfunction)
*Inspection of Hinge Assemblies
*Inspection of Door Bolts & Locks
*Inspect all Fire Exit Hardware
*Inspect and Verify – (Thresholds/Saddle; Clearance, Astragal and Gaskets, Kick-Down Door *Holder, Wedge and Door Stop, Protection Plate, Signage properly installed)